A1 Auto Tire & Diesel Repair

Open 24 hours and conveniently located just off I-55 midway between Memphis and St. Louis in Hayti, MO, A1 Auto Tire & Diesel Repair is just a phone call away for a distressed motorist.

A1 offers day and night wrecker service for not only passenger vehicles but big rigs, too. While A1’s mechanics can repair all tractor trailer rigs, no job escapes their expertise. A1 offers freight storage and are able to off-load overloaded trucks. Also, Bridgestone National accounts are accepted plus we sell all major tire brands for big trucks and regular vehicles. A1 also stocks some Volvo parts.

Call 573-359-0107 or call toll free to 877-418-4644 for prompt, friendly service.


A-1 Auto Tire & Diesel Repair LLC
202 North Hwy J
Hayti, MO 63851
573-359-0107 or 877-418-4644